Kennar Chasny

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Ting! The Silent Warning and Carlton: Down Sized

Kennar's Journey: From Electronics Test Engineer to Author and Adventurer

Ting! The Silent Warning

Explore the remarkable life of Kennar, who dedicated forty-four years as an Electronics Test Engineer at Boeing Satellite Development Center before embarking on adventures fueled by his love for camping and motorcycles. Discover his heartwarming love story with Tawnee, their travels to Portland, and their co-authored literary works.
Ting! The Silent Warning

Author Info

Kennar worked as an Electronics Test Engineer at Boeing Satellite Development Center for forty-four years, retiring in 2017. He enjoyed camping and driving motorcycles and combined the two activities mostly on Memorial Day weekend. He met Tawnee at work, and they wed in ’79. Kennar thus traded his motor bike for a modest mobile home. They traveled to Portland Oregon yearly to visit Tawnee’s family. He co authored Ting! The Silent Warning, and Carlton: Down Sized with his late wife, Tawnee Chasny.

Book Summary

Ting! The Silent Warning

Two women take to God’s Country after the big city was just about to eat them up. Lilly, a talented artist, runs to the mountain cabin her grandparents left to her. Joanne, Lillys nearest neighbor, bought an A-frame cabin in the small mountain community after her husband passed away. When they met, little did they know their very lives would depend on each other’s actions. A madman on the loose and they have to deal with him by themselves or die.

Carlton: Downsized

Carlton gets laid off from his job after eleven years with a company that a larger company has purchased. They’re calling this layoff, ‘downsizing’ as if that makes the situation any different. He’s still without a job. They offer him a small bonus towards retirement and drop any penalties for early withdrawal of his 401K savings plan. He sells everything, gets on his Honda 500 with his clothes packed into his saddlebags and camping gear strapped to the back of his bike. He drives north on the coast route towards Washington where he plans to visit relatives and see which way things go with his life.


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