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Ting! The Silent Warning
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A young artisan’s encounter with a talisman changes the course of history for a little mountain town in author Tawnee Chasny’s debut suspense, Ting! The Silent Warning.

Twenty-one-year-old Lilly Patterson enjoys living in the mountains, away from noisy and crime-filled Los Angeles, amid a small Mayberry-ish town, where the neighbors are friendly and ready to help without hesitation. Lilly’s creative juices keep her busy, even though she misses the presence of her doting and protective grandfather. When she adds a glass talisman to her craft collection, she has no idea it will connect her to her grandfather, providing unmistakable sounds she alone can hear to guide her decision-making.

Lilly meets her newest neighbor, Joanne Mason, and the two women promptly become fast friends. Little does Lilly know that her talisman will come in handy to protect Joanne and herself from unforeseen events, beginning with a strange car lurking about Joanne’s home and a freshly-dug grave-size hole the following day. Other unfortunate circumstances arise, and the townspeople get involved, while Lilly prepares herself for the worst when the little town’s lone nemesis raises his ugly head and wreaks havoc.

Author Tawnee Chasny pens light suspense with a fantastical twist in her debut read. Her story follows the odd turn of events when the artsy Lilly comes across a piece of glass that changes her life in multiple ways. Chasny’s uncomplicated, positive, and religious characters fit nicely within a stepped-up Mayberry setting. Conversations are primarily reserved with little expletives, except when Gary Johnson, the story’s antagonist, steps in. Yet even in the dialogue scenes between witless Gary and his victims, tension is low since Gary appears to want to bark a lot more, but his unanticipated bites are nothing less than lethal.

Character scene changes within chapters keep the predicted good-vs-evil plot flowing as readers cheer for their protagonists to overtake the town’s antagonist. Amid fast-paced scenes, a burgeoning romance develops between Joanne and Don Wilson, the town’s sheriff, both widowed. While the plot doesn’t offer much for readers preparing for all-things-squeamish, Tawnee’s storyline provides enough twists to keep her near-novella debut engaging. If anything, Ting! The Silent Warning guarantees to be replete with copious amounts of warm-and-fuzzies amid upturned situations.

Ting! The Silent Warning is the perfect read for those looking for their next feel-good story.

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