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Ting! The Silent Warning
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No matter where a person is living or what their circumstances are in life, everyone craves to be part of a community. A group of individuals who can come together and support one another out of the goodness of their hearts or even some form of loyalty. Finding the right community is an important part of a person’s growth in life. As American existential psychologist and author Rollo May once said, “Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.”

In author Tawnee Chasny’s book Ting!, the author explores the concept of community through the challenge of a threat to members of that community. Lilly, an artist living in the cabin her grandparents left to her after emancipating from her greedy parents, befriends Joanne, a widower who leaves the city behind for peace and quiet. While both value their alone time, they find friendship with one another in the face of adversity. When a dangerous criminal begins terrorizing the small mountain community they live in, the two women find themselves in a fight for survival and justice neither one saw coming.

This is quite an interesting and creative read. The author manages to craft a story with great character growth for both the protagonists and several of the supporting characters, while also balancing the story with mystery and suspense. The author subtly adds some elements of the supernatural into some of the smaller plot points, adding some twists and turns in the narrative which will keep readers on their edge of their seat long after the mystery of this criminal comes to pass. The author does a great job of setting a good pace for the novel that elevates the story and the character’s arcs overall.

This is the perfect read for those who enjoy contemporary fiction, especially those that include mysteries and hints of the supernatural or paranormal. As a fan of the genre, I found myself drawn in time and again by these characters and the great sense of community they brought into the main plot of the novel. The way they came together to face these challenges and the balance of feel-good narrative with danger and mystery made this an instant draw in for me as a reader.

An entertaining, short yet gripping novel, author Tawnee Chasny’s Ting! is a must-read story. Filled with remarkably layered characters in such a short read, the author really connects the plot and characters in a natural way and sets a steady pace that keeps readers invested in the narrative overall.

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